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Spring 2013 Taobao Haul ♥

I made a new Taobao order in March. :heart:
It didn’t arrive until the end of May because some of the items were made to order.

I totally need to cut back. I’ve been living in denial with my expenses, but I can’t believe I spent nearly $300 on this small order! This was my therapy order which I made when I realized I needed to do some surgery. That’s my justification, yes!


If you’re not familiar with Taobao, it’s like eBay. A bunch of sellers set up shop there and you can buy from them. It’s not a bidding system, but just “Buy it now.” The only problem with overseas buyers is you need a middleman to do the purchasing for you.

I made my order using Taobaospree. They don’t have an online shopping cart. Everything is done via email. This has it’s Pros and Cons.

You get a personal agent to to help you with your order, but there can be so much back and forth with emails. I got super frustrated with that as I totally lack patience, haha.

Some of my items have been crossed out because I got too impatient with my agent and just didn’t care to keep everything! In the end, it’s better for me!

My previous experience was with Taobaoring. I prefer them a lot more as I feel the cart system is a lot more convenient. However, I think it may depend on their agent you are dealing with. James was very slow to help me on one lolita dress that eventually sold out. However, Jenny responded within a couple hours and got me another dress I was worried would sell out. If you use Taobaoring, I’d recommend sending jenny@taobaoring.com an email to have her sort you out!

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