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Review: Chess Story’s Macaron et Mademoiselle Jumperskirt ♡


I’d like to review one of newest lolita dresses!


Chess Story’s Macaron et Mademoiselle Jumperskirt :kira:
Original Link

It’s a dress with a beautiful chocolate print!


The dress cost roughly $28 excluding shipping and shopping service fees.


The main reason why I got this dress was because it’s inexpensive (for a lolita dress) and it’s also suitable for casual wear!

I wore this dress to work last Friday. Not one person noticed or said anything, hahaha.Am I so boring? Or is it the people around? :heart:
But I guess it works as intended!


I tried to make the pictures below most true to life.


See the pretty border of the dress!


And the print in more detail!

DSC_5551-modThe dress has a built in mini petticoat. It’s nice to have a little fluff in your dress without it being too over exaggerated.


And the inside of the dress.


And now I will talk about the bad stuff…
Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the dress.

There’s a string to hold the belt up when you put it on, but this string broke already when I tried it on…


And the belt..is horrible quality.
It cannot stand much force. If you bend it by accident, it will break.
It’s nice that they included a belt, but I think I’d rather not have one at all when it is so cheap.
And the shape of the bow on the belt has soooo many raw edges – it’s too embarrassing to wear.


And to be honest, the chiffon of the dress is quite thin.

I’m pretty unhappy with the purchase.
I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing considering it only cost $28, but I also don’t expect it to fall apart so fast!

I haven’t washed it yet, but I heard that the print fades pretty fast after washing.


I’m sooo sad!

Chess Story is a well known brand on Taobao.
I haven’t ordered anything else from them before. I just hope the quality of their items aren’t all this bad!


Here’s a picture of me wearing it!
It’s a shame because it’s a quite cute. :aseru: :aseru: :aseru:
(Sorry messy room!)



I have to say that I would not purchase it again.

I’d rate it only 2/5. :aseru:

I hope you enjoyed this post! :heart:


P.S. Happy Friday and Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! :heart:

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