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Q&A – What Inspired Me to Start My Blog ♡

A reader recently asked me this question and I just wanted to post it and share the answer with everyone. :heart:

Hey! I’ve been a reader since the turn of your blog for fashion/makeup posts. I reallly enjoy these sort of things, and have been wanting to start up my own blog as well. But, I’m afraid to actually make the jump and start one. For one, I’m not sure I’m that committed to making daily posts, as well as afraid of having photos of myself out there for everyone to see. Hence my hesitation to start up a blog. As a fan of your blog, I was just wondering why you started, and how to exactly start a fashion blog. I have a blog already, but that’s like a personal daily life journal rather than focusing on fashion and makeup. I don’t want to mix the two, but I’m not sure if I want to run two blogs. I appreciate any advice. :) – Vi

First of all, thank you so much for your comment! :heart: I honestly felt very happy reading it. I’m not sure if I personally inspired you to start a blog, but if I did, I’d be even more happy! But having someone call themselves my fan is something I’m already incredibly grateful for. :raburabu:

Now to dissect your comment!


Your comment is something I can completely relate with. I felt very exposed putting myself out there. I do think it’s  important to separate your personal self and your fashion/makeup self. It is definitely a good idea to segregate your personal blog from your fashion blog. I know it sounds a bit cruel reducing it to this, but your fashion self is almost like a brand. You’ll need to work hard to promote yourself and put out posts so you shouldn’t let emotional things muddle with your professional self. Of course, do use it if it will further you. For example, if you have a child, that’s something you could be open about as there might be other mom’s out there that could relate to you!

I think it’s necessary to remember that you should be confident of yourself and don’t let negative thoughts stop you.

Also, running a fashion blog is tough. It is a lot of work. I do spend a lot of time on mine and when I look back at it, I do think, “I can’t believe I spent 5 hours on that post!”

I’m not trying to deter you in anyway, but I do want you to realize it can be a lot more work than it looks. But I don’t think it hurts to try to open a blog. I think daily posts are unrealistic unless they’re very short. If you can accomplish that, you’ll be in very good shape!


Also, what inspired me to begin my blog..

I’m not sure myself. I suppose I stumbled on to a number of other fashion blogs and I just felt like, “I want to be like them too.” It’s as simple as that.

I was also curious what this journey would bring me. I’m the world’s least confident person. I think part of this has helped me mature in that sense. I’m learning more to not care what people think and be myself. :heart:

And this journey has made me so happy in that there are people I can call my fans. And I’m enjoying the challenge of keeping my fans and gaining more.

To summarize, it’s critical to enjoy the journey.

As for how to start a fashion blog.. You need to start learning how to market. Decide what your niche is. Put yourself out there on social media and hook it up with your blog. Find out what the hot keywords are on Google and make sure you use them in your posts frequently. Do giveaways on the basis readers subscribe to your blog. Encourage people to follow your blog. Make it easy for people to share your posts with their friends.


 I hope that answers your question, Vi. I’m nowhere near successful, so my advise is hardly top notch. And I totally have a lot to work to do myself and haven’t listened to my own advise yet, haha.

I wish you the best and hope to hear in the future that you’ve opened a blog. If that’s the case, I’ll be sure to spam it here. :raburabu:

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