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Download Japanese Fashion Magazine Scans ♡

Hi darlings! :raburabu:

Sometimes, I feel my outfits are so boring and uninspirational..

To get the creative juices flowing, I like looking at Japanese fashion magazines! :heart:

Zasshiko is a really great website for downloading scans! :bear:

 All the fashion magazines have a couple of sections – latest fashion, shoes, makeup, hair, skincare, etc. So you should really choose the magazine you want to read based on the style you’re interested in!

There are a couple of magazines that are dedicated to nails, hair, etc. So if you’re just interested in that, just take a look at those magazines!

By the way, I would encourage everyone to buy the original magazines, but they’re very expensive compared to Western magazines. They weigh A LOT and shipping from Japan will indeed cost A LOT as well. You shouldn’t be surprised to drop $15 for each magazine! Nowadays, they also like to include goodies like bags, pouches, hair accessories, etc. That will also increase the shipping fee.


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