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Tutorial: How to Order CLICK clothing without using Yesstyle

CLICK is a brand on the Asian fashion store YESSTYLE. It’s probably one of their most popular brands considering it’s always on the front page of their website.

If you guys aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s from South Korea. It’s feminine, but also a bit mature. It works perfect for me to wear in the office. It’s subdued, but not in a boring way. Take this outfit for example. It’s super stylish and still suited for the office.


I was always purchasing my CLICK clothes from YESSTYLE, but they are actually a thinly veiled purchasing agent. They are buying their items at retail price from Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese websites which is why the prices are so high and shipping can take ages because they are just placing their order when you place your’s! :aseru: This is the same case for CLICK. The name of the brand is actually called Clicknfunny. I wouldn’t be surprised if YESSTYLE renamed the brand on their website to make it difficult to google their website.. :down:

Look at  how much YESSTYLE marks up the price for their items –


YESSTYLE’s price is $35. Because it’s an item that ships within 7-14 days, the shipping will additionally cost $10 to the States and $16 to Europe! The list price from on the original retailer’s site is a mere $21! Sure, it doesn’t include shipping, but I don’t imagine it will cost more than $35 after shipping.

I was getting super frustrated by the high prices when I decided to research where they were buying Clicknfunny’s clothes from. I found their website and discover they do ship overseas which makes it a lot more inexpensive! :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:

They even created their own guide on how to order from them with English translations! :heart: You should have enough directions on how to order from their site based on that, but I have some tips.

Tip #1 :bear: Join as a Member
The only thing I would advise against but is in their guide is to actually join their website as a member. You get a coupon upon signing up and they frequently also email me with coupons.

Tip #2 :bear: Pay with Paypal for your shipping refund
As the guide says, you pay for the estimated shipping cost. However, out of all the times I have ordered, my estimated shipping cost was a lot more than I paid for. And yes, they gave me a refund. No, not store credit. Which is great!

After you check out, you do get the normal emails (in Korean) about the confirmation of your order. But a day or two after that, you will also get a non-automated email in English from one of their staff. In this email, this is where I got the information about my refund for the shipping. If you paid by credit card, the way they do it is that you pay for a new order with the correct shipping and they cancel the first invoice to you. I would recommend Paypal instead because the refund is instant.

Tip #3 :bear: Use Airmail Instead for cheaper shipping
They advertise EMS shipping all over their website, but I would suggest using Airmail instead. When you get your confirmation email in English, ask for Airmail shipping then. Shipping 2kg to Ireland using Airmail is $26. Using EMS would be $41.50. So it’s really a huge difference! Airmail will take 15-25 days to arrive, while EMS is a mere week. It’s a lot cheaper than EMS, but it will take longer and the tracking won’t be as good.

Tip#4 :bear: Use Internet Explorer when purchasing your items
This seems to be a given. I’ve often had trouble going through my orders on any Korean site when I wasn’t using Internet Explorer. There’d be errors, order failure, etc. Be sure to allow cookies for Clicknfunny.com and also allow pop-ups.

So will you be ordering from Clicknfunny soon? It’s really the store I order most frequently from and keep an eye on all the time. :raburabu: If anyone is interested, I can also review some of the Clicknfunny clothes I have! :kira:

Please stay tuned. I’ll be posting about more Korean brands you can order from directly! :bear:


Warning: 2015/05/09 User Joelle in the comments section noted she purchased from Clicknfunny directly and her clothes never arrived. Please proceed with caution. I just want to note that I would never have created this tutorial if I didn’t personally have a good experience with them myself. I made a couple orders (albeit a few years ago) and they were prompt and had very good customer service.

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