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Back to Winter?! ♡

Now that spring has come..

For some reason I’m having a reluctance to completely embrace it.

It’s weird because spring is typically my favorite season.
I just love finally putting away coats/jackets (that just serve to obscure cute outfits underneath  :wink: ) and move on to a much lighter color palette!

But I’ve suddenly fallen in love with velvet.
That’s not really such a good idea when I’m planning on moving back to sunny California.

The other day I received a velveteen dress in the mail!


Actually, I wasn’t sure if it would look that good…
I feel the bodice is a bit busy.
But I love all the other details. It almost looks like an old school lolita dress.

And it came in the mail and I fell in love!!!

This is how I coordinated it~


JSK, Cardigan: Metamorphose
Blouse: Innocent World
Shoes: Cobb Hill

I’m glad for once the weather in Dublin wasn’t so good..
I was able to wear it out today! Although it might be the last time for awhile.

On another note!

I know a lot of you are in school..
Well this semester, I also took a course outside of work – statistics!

Last week, I studied 3 days (wasn’t enough haha) for my exam~
I passed the class with distinction!

I’ve only recently gotten into statistics and I’m finding the subject very fascinating.
As I’m currently a data analyst, statistics would be very helpful for my career.

I hope I will be able to go in a new direction!

Good luck everyone~


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