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♡ Day 1 – Hong Kong – Arrival to Family!

Happy Friday everyone!  :heart:

I’m so excited for this weekend!
Because it’s a 3 day weekend and the weather actually looks good!  :bear:

As you might imagine, it doesn’t happen in Ireland too much..

OK – I finally am getting around to posting Day 1 pictures from Hong Kong!
Thanks for your patience..  I need to become faster at editing pictures! :aseru:

DSC_5588_003-moda. and I at the airport! Hehehe.
It was a bit tiring because I had to go to work that day and then 12 hour flight hmmmmm…

DSC_5612_027-modWe had a short flight on Lufthansa to Munich.
The food was delicious! It was actually warm..  I never got such treatment on a short haul flight.

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