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Hong Kong/Japan 2014 Clothing Haul ♡

I wanted to post about every day of my trip and end it with a post on the haul I got, but since I had been gone about 3 weeks – I figured you all would probably prefer to see my haul first, hahaha.

I got a lot of dresses this time which I’m soooo happy about!


DSC_6828-modI got this dress and skirt at Axes Femme.
It’s a more mature brand, but I really like it! They like to put a lot of details into their pieces that make them unique.

I was really set on the skirt, but undecided about the dress and did not bring it to the dressing room… The sales lady noticed at me staring at this dress (?) and brought the dress to dressing room. :aseru:
Her sales tactics worked sooooo well.
I obviously ended up buying it in the end, hahaha.

DSC_6827-modRecipe dress from Wonder Rocket in Japan!
The dress on the right I got from Hong Kong in Sham Shui Po.
In Sham Shui Po, there’s a lot of wholesale clothing companies. Unfortunately most do not sell to private individuals. However sometimes they have some bits and bobs that are leftover. I got this dress for $10!

DSC_6829-modThe skirt and blouse are from Hong Kong from a store called J Closet on Fa Yuen Street.
This store is soooooooo extremely affordable. For those 2 pieces I paid $276HKD  which is $35.
The whole store had a mori girl thing going on and since I was thinking of making a foray into that fashion I thought why not..

The shoes came from Shimamura in Japan.

DSC_6826-modBoth dresses are from Wonder Rocket in Japan.
I thought I’d love the Macaron dress more, but the long dress is really suitable for me after I tried it on!

DSC_6830-modUniqlo haul!
Uniqlo is like GAP of Japan, I guess? Although they are expanding. They are in the US as well as UK now! They are very affordable and also have cuuute clothes!

DSC_6821-modOK now… this is seriously the highlight of my haul.
The Innocent World Book Bag.. is like oooooohhh my goddddddd!
I was so happy when I saw this! I found it in a lolita second hand store called Closet Child.
Because it’s a second hand store, they only stock what’s sold to them. I wasn’t anticipating this being there, but it was seriously on my wish list so I’m so super duper happy.

This bag is hardly ever sold second hand, but I currently see a very similar bag being sold on mbok (a Japanese auction site) and people are going nuts and have gone above the price I paid already even though the auction has quite some time before ending! So not only did I get the bag.. I got it for a fair price!

The white heart bag is also very adorable! It comes from Audrey in Harajuku.

I also am super happy about the rabbit bags!
They are from a mook by the brand Muchacha Ahcahcum.
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m also very obsessed with rabbits.
And I love how strangely creepy these bags looook!
The white rabbit bag is used to chain on to a handle of another bag. I want to use it as a pass case!

Muchacha is way more famous for their cat bag which has been replicated a lot of times..
But in my heart I love rabbits wayyyyy more!


DSC_6824-modThe beginning of my lolita haul. All items are second hand from Closet Child in Harajuku/Shinjuku.
Long sleeve bolero from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Bonnet from Innocent World.
Short sleeve bolero from Innocent World.

I’m really happy with all the items… they were kinda the basics I needed to make better coordinates!

DSC_6825-modMalonica Rose Skirt from Innocent World.
I really love how classy it is!

DSC_6831-modOK… another item I realllyy like!
This parasol is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Harajuku.
It has just enough frills to warm my girly heart…

DSC_6832-modAnd here it is open!
Oh my god! It’s making my heart beat faster, hahaha.
It’s suitable for rain, but also for sunny days as it has UV protection.
Great for me because I hate getting tanned!

DSC_6833-modThe last item of my haul – Otome no Sewing 5.
It’s a book that teaches you how to sew lolita garments!
Another thing I have not told you before… I started sewing as I got a sewing machine for Christmas.
I have been meaning to post about it.. Anyways, it will be long before I can use this book as I am quite the beginner still.

So what do you think of my haul?

I’m so happy about all the items…!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

But that’s not all…
I have another haul post to make! You will see soon(ish)…

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