A Long Weekend! ♡

I’m really enjoying the long weekend.

Did you have a long weekend too?

Yesterday, a. baked a Polish cake called mazurek!


It’s a delicious cake!

I think the base is a short crust pastry.
And it has a chocolate covering with nuts!

While a. was baking the cake… I was cleaning the bathroom, hahahaha.

I think there’s something wrong there!

After that, we went to watch Blade Runner in the movie theater with a friend!


JSK: Shirley Temple
Blouse: Innocent World
Bolero, Shoes, Tights, Necklace: Offbrand
Headband: Handmade
Purse: MILK

I did my hair like faux short hair style.
I think next time I need to add a little bit more volume so it really looks like short hair!

Although not everyone celebrates Easter, I hope many of you had time to spend with family and friends!

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