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daily strawberry jam #2 – in Poland!

My plan to post each week of my life in pictures has failed miserably as I have skipped so many weeks now.. I think my life is just so super boring. Luckily I went on vacation last week so it made this week easy! :wink:

Last week, I went to visit Poland where a. was born and raised. We went to visit family!

Poland is really a lovely place! I hate to talk about people in generalizations (that’s why I don’t post about my experiences living abroad a lot). But I’ll try to keep it short and positive.

I really love the atmosphere of Poland. The people there remind of the traditions that a lot of us in America have forgotten.

People there are really active – I would daresay hiking is a national past time, haha. Particularly, a.’s hometown sits right next to the mountains. It’s just a short local bus ride away to get there and start your hiking. I lived in such a boring place growing up so I feel I’ve found some appreciation in being so close to nature. So in short, they’re active and they care a lot about preserving nature. You’ll see about these things I mean in the pictures below! Also, you’ll think the town a. is from is a rural place, but it’s not! It’s still a CITY!

When I was waiting to board my flight, I was sitting in front of this toy pirate ship for children. And it kept randomly playing music! I’ll admit I was a little annoyed at first.. but by the time it was time to board, I started to grow attached to it. a. suggested I stay in the airport instead of going to Poland to stay with it, haha.
After we arrived, we went to visit the cemetary to visit a.’s father’s grave. It was such a nice sunny day. You can see in the mountains there’s still snow!
DSC_5352-mod DSC_5224-mod
We went out for a walk.. I feel this scene is just so calming..
 Someone’s yard had llamas in it! Look at the baby llama, awwww! :raburabu:
DSC_5372-mod DSC_5385-mod
 Cute graffiti’ed sign on the way to someone’s house!
 Mysterious cat hiding in the grass out to get it’s prey..
 A 10 minute walk from a’.s house to this. Again, very calming!
 Me trying to take a cool picture of our shadows.
Also spotted some rabbits chasing after each other… TOOO CUTEEEEEEE :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:
OK.. Sorry I am a city girl after all and had to return to civilization and do some shopping! On the way to the mall, I spotted this! A FRESH MILK vending machine, haha. I suppose there is a cow right behind it..
2013-04-15-16.50.08-mod 2013-04-15-16.49.54-mod
I went to visit the local milk bar which are traditional restaurants that used to be popular during Communist times. I COME EVERY TIME I GO TO POLAND! This is a very popular Polish soup called Barszcz Czerwony. It’s made from beet root. It’s really delicious! The dish in the background is steamed buns (like the Chinese ones, haha) with strawberries and powdered sugar.
And another very popular traditional dish – Pierogies! Yummo! All sorts of cuisines have their take on dumplings. The Polish Pierogies have all sorts of fillings –  sweet or savory. I prefer savory like the ones above which just have meat. The outside is slathered with butter (that’s traditional cooking for you!) and fried onions. I LOOOOOOVE this.
And then for dinner (on another day mind you, I’m not THAT much of a pig), we had pizza. There’s 2 varieties there. One is Bolognese just like spaghetti. But the LEFT side is Polish Goat Cheese, Polish sausage, and dried fried onions. SOOOO GOOOOOOD. By the way, I also ALWAYS go to this pizza place! They bake their pizzas in the stone oven and it really takes great.

And that’s that week. I realized I took NO pictures of buildings in the city. Good going on me! I promise I will show some another time.

And sorry, this was definitely much longer than usual. I am just so passionate about Poland! What do you guys think?
Hope everyone had a good week as well. :bear:

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