I’m still here..! ♡

I’m so sorry for the recent hiatus everyone.

I got sick recently! I was off work 2 days last week too.

I spent the whole time in bed sleeping and reading.

I will definitely begin posting again this week.

In the meantime, here’s a lovely photo a. took me of sometime ago doing my makeup.


I feel like I’m part of some professional photoshoot, hahaha.


How is everyone else doing?

Please don’t get sick too!


P.S. I won the lottery for the Morning Musume tickets. I’m SO happy I’ll be seeing them in concert in Japan. YAY!

Next, I’ll also have to try to see AKB48 at their theater! I heard each show has 10,000+ applications from people wanting to see the show, but there’s only 250 seats! Crazy! So maybe I won’t be so lucky this time, hahaha.

For people that have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, I’m talking about some Japanese girl idol groups I love! And I’m try so hard to see their shows in Japan! Yes, it’s worth going all the way for that!

I’ll have to talk about my love for AKB48 sometime.. I have some very happy memories with them. :raburabu:

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