Update ♡

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry for my lack of activity.

I’m not sure what’s up with me myself. I noticed I’m a person that either goes full force at something or doesn’t go at it at all.

I don’t think I’m enjoying this blog as much as I used to. It is hard work, but I want it to be enjoyable too!

I hope that makes sense.

I’m looking for some way to re-invent myself.

I don’t feel I’m particularly special or fit for running a fashion blog.

I hope once I do re-invent myself, I will enjoy this a lot more and blogging will come much more easy.


Sorry this sounds so depressing!
I’m not graduating!

I’m just looking for a way to make this blog more “me” and enjoyable for everyone too.


In other news, I will be going to Japan tomorrow.

I will at the very least document my trip very well for you all to see!

Thank you everyone for being a loyal reader and being patient with me.




A scary picture of me thinking long and hard about what I will do… haha.

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