Happy News ♡

Well, I can’t believe it’s already happening again.


But I’m going to Japan next month!  :heart: :heart: :heart:


I truly feel like a spoiled brat. It has been less than a year since I last went.


The true reason why I am going – 

I will be applying for permanent residency in Hong Kong.
It is almost the same as citizenship, but not the same because Hong Kong is no longer a country.
If my application is successful, I will be able to live and work freely in Hong Kong!  :raburabu: :raburabu: :raburabu:


It’s always been a mystery to me though. I never thought I was eligible to become a resident there. They have very limited space there and I was born and raised in America. When I saw the requirements for applying, they ask that you are a Chinese citizen. But according to their definition, I actually am! It doesn’t matter if I have a passport or anything to show for it!


I am truly excited. If it works out, I can finally live in Asia!

Not only that, it is fairly inexpensive flying between Hong Kong and Japan!
That is why I am already going to Japan again.


I seem to always apologize about my lack of posting. But I am sorry!

However, since I am going to Japan again.. I hope I can take better pictures this time! And be more prepared to document my trip! 
I haven’t posted the things I was planning to give away from the last trip still…

I’m so behind! But I’ll try my best to make it better.

I will also try to show you the best of Hong Kong! :heart:
They are many lovers of Japanese culture there too! 


I hope everyone is doing well too. Spring is coming so there’s a lot to be excited about! :heart:


Here’s some recent pictures of me last weekend.
I went to a Black and White themed Afternoon Tea Party!  :kira:


My dress has ribbons lined all along the bottom! Although it’s hard to see.. 
And I made the ribbon I’m wearing on my head! :heart:


An unfortunately super blurry close up..
I got that necklace for very inexpensive on Aliexpress for $2.57 shipped!
My blouse is also from Aliexpress :heart:


Delicious dessert at the Afternoon Tea!


P.S. I will try to go to another Morning Musume concert. YAY!

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