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Japan 2013 Haul ♡

Spring is coming!

It’s gotten so much warmer in Dublin. It’s soooo super exciting!  :heart:



One of my commenters asked for my makeup haul from my trip in Japan 2013.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a whole lot, hahaha.

I will just show you everything cute I got!  :raburabu:


Make up and cute things!
I got a re-supply of Dolly Wink items… Especially my favorite Dolly Wink eyeliner!

Can you see the 2 charms on the bottom left of the picture?
It’s a charm I bought for me and a.!
It will bring us happiness as a couple! :raburabu:
Many temples in Japan sell these kind of charms. I sure hope that it works, hahaha.


A lovely coat I got! The fur is removable. I got it for less than $30 USD… I think, haha.


Socks and tights! I don’t think I got enough still. ;_;


These are 2 skirts I got in Harajuku (where young people like to hang out and there’s many fashionable stores there!)
I really love the library bear skirt! I wear it often.


And 2 pairs of shoes I got! 
I love the heels, but they are tooooo high, hahaha. I’m very unlady like in this regard..
And I got school girl loafers!
They are so uncomfortable. I got really bad blisters on my ankles wearing them.
I saw many Japanese girls wear them with the backs of the shoe completely flattened and now I can understand why..


I feel like I got so little items…! 
Am I crazy? Haha…
I think that I am too frugal.. I hope I can bring myself to spend more on my next trip because who knows the next time I will go!


Last weekend, my friend and I went to a Teddy Bear exhibition!

They had many teddy bears on display from many time periods. They had Irish bears, German bears, French bears, etc!
I got so excited I think I want to start a teddy bear collection, hahaha.
Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pictures of them as most of them were in a very dark room to preserve them.

But here’s a picture of us in the story book room!
I wore my teddy bear dress again! :raburabu:



P.S. I was unable to buy the Morning Musume concert tickets. It seems they love to reject foreign credit cards. I will have to buy them at a ridiculous markup when I am in Tokyo.  :aseru:   :aseru:   :aseru:

In other news though! I was able to buy the Morning Musume box set for their newest single Toki o Koe Sora o Koe / Password is 0!
Why is the such good news?
Well.. the box set enables me to take a picture with one of the members Iikubo Haruna or Oda Sakura.
I’m soooooooo excited! :raburabu: :raburabu:   :raburabu:
What should I wear????????? 

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