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Innocent World Spring 2014 Oddment Pack A ♡

Finally I am writing about my Oddment Pack!

What is an Oddment Pack?

It’s a pack of items you buy from a store in which you don’t know what’s inside!
It’s cheaper than buying the items individually.

This is what a Lucky Pack is. Many stores do this in Japan especially during the New Year’s.

The Oddment Pack is a little different though.
It contains defective items so you receive many more items than a normal Lucky Pack!
Generally the defects are very tiny and often times unnoticeable.
And sometimes there are no defects at all – they are just unpopular products they wanted to get rid of.

I got the Oddment Pack A from Innocent World! They are a famous lolita brand.
I really like their Oddment Packs as they include many items (I got 16 total in this one pack) and since I’m starting out lolita it’s really super helpful.

This is the package below!
It weighed 5.5kg (12lb)!!!


And here’s the box open..
Look how much stuff is inside! DSC_6602-mod

First, these are the dresses I got!

This dress is a plain piece, but it has a lot of details to make it interesting.
There is a layer that you can tie up and make the dress look more fluffy!
But I didn’t think this dress was suited for me, so I traded it with a friend. And it looks so good on her!DSC_6754-mod

This dress is a bit less interesting, but it looks so much better on me! And the color is much suited towards me.
I think I can wear this in the fall/winter.

I was not a fan of this dress. It looks like a night gown to me, hahaha.
I was able to sell it!DSC_6763-mod

I was OK with this dress! It’s plain, but I don’t mind wearing it!
But it doesn’t fit me at all.. My bust is just way too tiny. I needed to tie the halter all the way high to my neck for it fit proper. But then it just looked really weird! This is then problem when you pretty much don’t have boobs! :aseru:

There was actually significant damage on this dress as the dress was fraying really badly on one of the ruffles.
But I was able to sell it too!DSC_6773-mod

I really like this dress! It has such a nice dusty pink color and the tiers make it look so fluffy!
I kept this dress! :heart: DSC_6752-mod

I am truly in love with this blouse.
It looks quite plain, but it’s the nicest chiffon I have ever felt.
Have you felt chiffon? While it is soft, somehow it has a texture of sandpaper still.. with a lot of little bumps.

This chiffon feels like silk, but it doesn’t have the shine that silk has.
I really am impressed with the quality of this blouse!
It’s called pear skin chiffon!DSC_6779-mod

This is a brown blouse made of the chiffon that’s like sand paper..
There’s not much special about this blouse, but it’s nice to have a brown one to be able to coordinate better, but the brown is almost black which doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe!DSC_6789-mod

Another lovely pear skin blouse. There’s so much nice details in this blouse!
There’s a defect in this blouse though.
It is supposed to tie around the waist, but the strings that hold the ties in place have been ripped off.
I don’t really mind not having those ties so it’s doesn’t bother me!DSC_6783-mod
This is another favorite blouse I received!
It’s a really easy blouse to match things in my wardrobe so I’m super happy.DSC_6807-mod

3 white blouses in a row, oh my god.
I really want to sell some, but I can’t decide which.
The one I like the least design wise is made form pear skin chiffon, so it’s hard..DSC_6796-modDSC_6787-modDSC_6801-mod

And 2 cotton blouses!
These were way too big for me so I sold them as well!
One of had a stain that was smaller than 1mm. That was the defect!
I honestly wouldn’t have noticed it had they not mentioned it!DSC_6792-modDSC_6809-mod

They always include some accessories in a pack so you can make a complete outfit.
I just got a plain old pair of black socks!DSC_6813-mod

And they also included a petticoat. It’s pretty small, but it will be nice for casual wear!DSC_6812-mod

And I also got this mini hat!
I’ve been trying to sell it.. as it doesn’t suit my style!DSC_6816-mod

 What did you think of the Pack?
I paid 50,000 yen (roughly $500) for it.
It sounds very expensive, but the cost of them items individually would have been 250,000 yen ($2,500)!

Lucky packs are a good way to save money if you don’t mind to take a gamble!
The good thing is you can often sell what you don’t like!

Also, Innocent World staff were very nice to me. Oddment Packs from them are actually only for foreign purchasers.
However, I was in Japan around the time they were shipping them so they were kind enough to ship it to my hotel.
It saved me a lot of money from shipping and custom fees!
They don’t mark their packages as gifts and declare the real value so it’s likely I would have gotten custom fees if I were to receive it in Ireland.

Overall, I’m pretty happy as it helped me to build a foundation for my wardrobe!
I would have hoped to get at least one dress with a print and less blouses though. 9 blouses was an excessive amount leaving me confused as to which to sell..
But I think I will get the fall Oddment Pack too!

 Here are some pictures from yesterday! I went to a picnic with friends! :heart: DSC_7126-modDSC_7129-modDSC_7131-mod


Have a lovely day everyone!


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