Lovely Winter ♡

Being a California girl, one of my biggest challenges in cold climates was to dress warm, but still cute!

Every year I visit Poland to visit my partner’s family.

And every time, I get a little cranky when packing.
Everything I usually wear, I can’t wear it!
But it’s so cute!
What am I to wear?!

:aseru:   :aseru:   :aseru:

That’s the internal dialogue I have each year, hahaha.

This year, I decided I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I wanted to invest in a really super cute and warm coat.

And the below is what I got!



It’s Metamorphose’s Teddy Bear Coat!
It’s made from 90% wool and the hoodie has little ears on it!


I never thought a coat would make me so happy.
But I finally feel like I am dressing like what truly represents how I want to be.
I always thought that kind of thing was out of reach.

I also put together the below outfit.

Tartan is so suitable for winter!


Recently, I bought the red shoes.
And I am so glad I did. It’s added another “cute” element to my outfits I didn’t have before!

Does anyone else get this happy too when they finally dress how they’ve always wanted to?

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