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Why I Fell for AKB48 ♡
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Why I Fell for AKB48 ♡

My first love with Japan girl idol groups was Morning Musume.

They will always be my favorite as I grew up with them.


In 2007, a rival group called AKB48 started springing into my interests too.


To a lot of fans, it was like Marvel vs DC Comics.

You simply can’t like both! And believe it or not, the fandom got very heated.


I was conflicted myself too. I loved the songs, but there were a lot of things I didn’t like.

 I hate to say it bluntly, but they are a bit skanky..! :aseru:

But the songs are catchy.

One of my favorite songs is of the girls performing in school girl outfits in which during the chorus, the dance involves them flinging their skirts which inevitably shows their underwear. (Picture here)

I mean seriously, that’s really horrible. The youngest girl in the group during that time was 14.

I mean what the heck, really. :aseru: It just went against every fiber of my being, but the song was catchy so I was just so conflicted internally..


Another favorite of my songs is “Dear My Teacher.” Well, the title kind of says it all already.

It’s about a girl that wishes to have a relationship with her teacher.. :aseru:


After all this conflict, I decided to like them still. A lot of the girls in AKB48 admired Morning Musume and even auditioned for Morning Musume as their first choice, but simply didn’t make it.

These girls all had the aspirations. Doesn’t that make them equal?

The girls in AKB48 don’t write the songs themselves. They don’t choreographer the dances. They don’t design the clothes.

They just want to be idols in hopes of being famous one day.

I admit, I’d personally be much more comfortable doing that with Morning Musume as I’d be somewhat afraid to be a bad influence on vulnerable young girls..

But everyone just wants to survive in the entertainment world.


Fast forward to 2010, AKB48 had exceeded Morning Musume in terms of sales and popularity.

And they had gone beyond being popular with just men, but even young girls and the general population.

Somehow, this is something I still find puzzling today.

They had gone off the skanky type of songs, but still regularly did photoshoots that I felt comfortable to look at and they’re contained in magazines everywhere!


 In 2010, I also visited Japan for the first time.

And I was seriously into AKB48 at that time. I went to their theater where they do concerts at least a couple of times a week.

The capacity of this theater is only 250 people. The reason why it is so small is to give you the feeling of being close to the girls.

Not only that, after the show you get to high 5 the girls!

This is one thing that really set AKB48 apart from Morning Musume and other celebrities in general  – the intimacy with the girls.

Because AKB48 had gotten so popular, it was extremely difficult to get a ticket to their theater and was done via a lottery basis.

I didn’t win a ticket. I was simply devastated having traveled all the way to Japan and leaving empty handed.

One the last day of my trip, I went to the theater and totally begged for a ticket in English, haha.

I was just so desperate! I wanted them to realize someone had paid to come so far only to be disappointed.

Well, my pleading didn’t work.

So as a last resort, I decided to leave a fan letter for my favorite girl at the very least.


After about a week of returning home, I noticed something incredible.

My favorite girl, Moeno, posted a picture of my letter on her blog!!!

I was elated, I just couldn’t believe my eyes..

I got acknowledgement of my existence! And furthermore, she SAID she was so HAPPY to have received my letter!o0800045010591808313-mod

The letter was so tiny… It was all I had at hand. I was surprised she even received it! I was so worried it would get lost since it was so small.

Anyways, this just cemented my love for AKB48.

You never expect to be awarded for being a fan, but I was and I was incredibly happy.


I wrote to her 2 more times and both times, she posted about them again!


In the below picture she’s holding up 2 letters. I actually got a. to send a card too, haha.

So she’s holding 2 things from us!


And now fast forward to 2013.

My love for the group dwindled throughout the years. Too many girls were joining making it hard to keep up with them. And the songs were no longer good.

Moeno also graduated earlier this year.

I felt incredibly bad, but I got that much out of the loop that I didn’t find out right away. And I didn’t even bother writing a letter.

I feel so guilty now thinking about this. :aseru:

Since I am going to Japan again, I decided to rekindle my love and at least try to go to the theater. I hope my luck will be much better this time!

If it’s possible, I’ll write to Moeno again.


Other items to note –

Getting autographed items in the AKB48 fandom can be very rare. You usually don’t just get them. You get them randomly with items you buy.

In one of the calendars I got, I was lucky enough to receive one.

My luck with Morning Musume was never like this. I’ve been so lucky.


Well, that’s my super long story about my fandom with AKB48.


Was it interesting?

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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  1. Tanja
    Posted September 30, 2013 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Wow.. does this girl always posts pictures of recived letters?
    This si amazing! She must really love to be an idol!
    To tell you the truth I am not their fan.. I listen to some song.. But somehow they just don’t catch my intention.. maybe because of MoMusume :aseru:
    Anyway you are really lucky I hope you will have the same luck when you will participate in lotery for tickets :strawberry: Good luck :kira:

    • strawberryjam
      Posted October 23, 2013 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

      She doesn’t always post pictures of her letters! I’m really so lucky she’s so nice to me!

      It’s OK if you don’t like them. What does matter most is their music and it really isn’t so good anymore!

      I still haven’t won a ticket to their show. It’s really so hard >_<

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