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Spring 2013 Taobao Haul ♥

I made a new Taobao order in March. :heart:
It didn’t arrive until the end of May because some of the items were made to order.

I totally need to cut back. I’ve been living in denial with my expenses, but I can’t believe I spent nearly $300 on this small order! This was my therapy order which I made when I realized I needed to do some surgery. That’s my justification, yes!


If you’re not familiar with Taobao, it’s like eBay. A bunch of sellers set up shop there and you can buy from them. It’s not a bidding system, but just “Buy it now.” The only problem with overseas buyers is you need a middleman to do the purchasing for you.

I made my order using Taobaospree. They don’t have an online shopping cart. Everything is done via email. This has it’s Pros and Cons.

You get a personal agent to to help you with your order, but there can be so much back and forth with emails. I got super frustrated with that as I totally lack patience, haha.

Some of my items have been crossed out because I got too impatient with my agent and just didn’t care to keep everything! In the end, it’s better for me!

My previous experience was with Taobaoring. I prefer them a lot more as I feel the cart system is a lot more convenient. However, I think it may depend on their agent you are dealing with. James was very slow to help me on one lolita dress that eventually sold out. However, Jenny responded within a couple hours and got me another dress I was worried would sell out. If you use Taobaoring, I’d recommend sending jenny@taobaoring.com an email to have her sort you out!


Anyways, moving on to the review of my items! :raburabu:

The reason for my order was the below –


Magic Astre by Dark Box

Price: $121

I fell in love with this dress at first sight even though it was a lolita piece. For those of you that don’t know, lolita is fashion inspired by Victorian era clothing. I’m personally not really into lolita, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. So as an FYI, I am by no means an expert of lolita and don’t know how this compares to other lolita dresses.

It’s a 2 piece dress. There’s an inside layer but a black sheer dress as well.

DSC_0066It includes a tie to tighten the waist.DSC_0067Close up of the black sheer dress.DSC_0068

And this is the inside dress! You can wear it on its own too obviously.
It’s a beautiful galaxy print dress.DSC_0075 DSC_0078Print is clear.
DSC_0080Back includes lacing like a corset.DSC_0081 DSC_0082Close up of lace.

The quality of the dress is really good and I think it looks just as great the stock pictures. It’s just on the tad expensive side and I will only have so many occasions to wear it, but that’s lolita for you.

I do have some other gripes as well. I don’t think it goes good for someone my height (5’2″). The dress ends a little past my knees making my legs look incredibly stubby and short.

The black sheer dress also makes me a little plump. I have to tie the waist band super tight for my figure to look normal again.

I still love it – just not sure about the sheer dress a. convinced me to get!


Verdict 4 strawberries out of 5
:strawberry: :strawberry:   :strawberry:   :strawberry:


Classical Puppets Petticoat

Price: $16
Type: Type A, Organdy without Lining

Lolita dresses all need petticoats. And Classical Puppets is the go to brand for petticoats! So this is what I got.

DSC_0085Looks fluffy enough!DSC_0086 DSC_0095DSC_0149Without petticoat.DSC_0142With petticoat.
I don’t think it looks so fluffy anymore. :down: I regret cheaping out and buying a less expensive petticoat. It is my fault as the stock pictures don’t look incredibly fluffy either.  I’m still super happy with my first lolita experience!

Verdict 4 strawberries out of 5
:strawberry: :strawberry:   :strawberry:   :strawberry:



Harajuku Sheer Dress

Price: $26

This dress is inspired from Japanese brands like Katie. It’s girly, but not the typical girly.There’s something off about it that I find refreshing!

DSC_0102I’m incredibly in love with this dress. It looks absolutely stunning in this photo to me! :raburabu: DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0106 DSC_0107 DSC_0108

While the photos look great and it also looks good on me, the feel is VERY cheap. I can’t believe I paid $26 for this! I am absolutely sure that it cost like $1 to make, lol.

There are other stores on Taobao that sell this dress a lot more cheap, but I still opted for this hoping it would be better quality, but it’s not! Unless those other stores are even worse quality..

I think the dress will last, but I just don’t want it to feel cheap when I paid that much for it..

Another thing, it’s very short. I don’t recommend getting this if you’re taller than 5’2″. The sheer dress is longer so you can still get that, but I wouldn’t recommend it for tall girls still.

Verdict 4 strawberries out of 5
:strawberry: :strawberry:   :strawberry:   :strawberry:


Cherry116 Floral Dress

Price: $18

I saw this cute dress and thought it would be perfect for spring!

DSC_0093 DSC_0094
It’s really adorable. I like the flowers and the little bow at the top. It also includes a lining.

However, it does feel a little cheap. It’s thin and I feel after one wash it’s going to become super wrinkly and not look nice anymore even after ironing.

It’s also pretty short. I’m not able to bend over without it showing my butt off to the world, haha. So I’ll need to be careful.
But it’s something you have to be careful about on Taobao. I’m not tall and it’s short for me! So be careful readers! :wink:

Verdict 4 strawberries out of 5
:strawberry: :strawberry:   :strawberry:   :strawberry:


Cherry116 Striped Cardigan

Price: $18

In the stock photos, I thought this looked super cute.

DSC_0109But when I look at it now, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wanted this. I suppose I just wanted more interesting cardigans?

And I liked how it looked sailor-ish.DSC_0110

The buttons are nice!

But they are REALLY hard to unbutton.

At least the stock photo looks nice.


I know I’m not advertising this very well, but on the off chance anyone wants it, I’ll be happy to give it away as long as you pay for shipping.
Length: 56cm
Bust: 88cm-94cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Sleeve: 47cm

And those are the measurements! Let me know in the comments if you’d like it.

Verdict 1  strawberries out of 5


Cherry116 Sailor Uniform Top

Price: $14.50

Now this one, I like!

I suppose it pertains to my Japanese related interests. In Japan, their school uniforms are similar to the below. And Japan is cool. Thus this shirt is cool!

DSC_0114 DSC_0116 DSC_0118

In all seriousness, I do like it. It’s nothing to be going crazy about since it’s a simple blouse. But I will indeed be wearing it loads and pretending to be a school girl still, haha.

Quality wise – it’s a bit on the thin side. You’d need to wear a shirt underneath so it’s not see through. But I kind of expected this as it’s a light blouse for the summer.

My only problem with this blouse is I have been unable to match it with anything..

Verdict 3 strawberries out of 5
:strawberry:   :strawberry:   :strawberry:


Mew Cross Choker

Price: $3

I love this choker and have worn it numerous times already.

It’s really great for giving an outfit a special touch. It goes great with a vibrant lipstick.  The pair will you an attitude with your outfit.


The downside – it’s more ghetto than I could imagine.

The cross and the chain are made from plastic!!!! :aseru:   :aseru:   :aseru:

People say Taobao is cheap, but I think you really have to choose carefully. This is really about the same as prices in the West and for lesser quality!

I still love it and will wear it loads, but it is a bit embarrassing how cheap it is.

Verdict 2  strawberries out of 5
:strawberry:   :strawberry:


Mew Strawberry Tart Pearl Choker

Price: $6.50

I couldn’t resist when I saw the sight of strawberries!


I like this, but I think it’s a bit silly to be wearing on most occasions. I’m no longer a teenager, you know? But a working boring person!

The quality is much better. I can see this lasting. And of course they’re not real pearls, but everything feels steady.

Verdict 4  strawberries out of 5
:strawberry:   :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


Mew Floral Headband

Price: $5

This is one of my favorite items in the order!

It’s another great item for making an outfit “pop” and look adorable.

It works out with your classic girly outfits, but I also like pairing it with a more grunge-y look as well!


It”s super fragile though. The flowers are made of a thin styrofoam, I felt worried when I wore this in wind and rain and had to put away. If you let anything put the slightest pressure on the flowers, they will break.

Taobaospree did a good packing and sending them to me. It was within a box with loads of bubble wrap to protect it. And it indeed did come just fine.

Verdict 4  strawberries out of 5
:strawberry:   :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


New Face Lift Up Belt

Price: $3

The purpose of this belt is to.. confirm that I belong in a mental institute!

Haha.. no. It’s belt that helps slim your face. You can wear it at night, at home, etc. and will make your face look less wide.

I’m pretty self conscious about my face. I honestly feel it’s on the wide side!

A skinny face is one of the key things to beauty!


I can’t tell you if it works and it probably doesn’t – at least not for the long term.

I wasn’t able to use this because my surgery was related to my jaw so I didn’t want to tamper with the area while it was healing.

I’ll start testing it when I’m 100% better and report my findings!

On a side note, it feels very awkward to put on. I just can’t get it on steady. It feels like it’s about to slip off my face at any moment. Perhaps I just need to tinker it with a bit more.

Verdict ???  strawberries out of 5



So how did it all end?

Price of Items (Including Domestic Shipping): $259
Service Fee: $25.90
Paypal Fee: $11.70
International Shipping Fee: $32

Grand Total: $328.6

 I know it sounds very expensive, but I ordered multiples of a couple of the items. They’re to be included in an upcoming giveaway. Stay tuned! :heart:


strawberryjam is happy

 There’s a lot of things from this order that are my complete favorites now. :bear:

strawberryjam is sad

The quality of the items was once again iffy. In my previous order, I ordered a lot more cheap things and was disappointed in the quality still. So in the end, it doesn’t matter how much you pay!  However, my Darkbox lolita dress was of very good quality. But it cost $120 and it’s from an indie brand. I guess you can trust that more?

My aunt got really mad at me ordering Taobao warning me that the pictures weren’t like the real thing at all. I guess I still haven’t learned my lesson!

the end to this story

Not entirely happy. More wasted money! But.. I’ll still be making an order soon, haha.

A part of me feels like I regret like half of my order because of my incompetence in picking cute stuff. Maybe I’m not that stylish after all. I’ll need to work harder on that. And by doing that, I’ll have to make another order.

I’m being semi being sarcastic. But I’m a girl and I want to be more cute. So there will be more orders!




I’m sorry everyone for the increased amount of censorship on my blog recently.

Here’s a picture of me recently enjoying some good ol’ fish and chips! This happened during the short summer Dublin had. Can you see? It’s actually sunny!


P.P.S. Please follow my blog if you found this post helpful. Followers are what keep posts like this going! :bear:

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  1. Tanja
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    Everything looks so cute!
    You defenitelly need to tell me if that Face Lift Up Belt works!!
    Since I have really weird face.. I would defenitely be happy if ti would work.. so that there would still be hope for me xD
    Since everything was quit cheap (except that cute lolita dress) it was probably impossible to get something high quality xD
    but still it looks cute.. so xD
    Good luck with next order^^
    hahahahah :)

    • strawberryjam
      Posted July 3, 2013 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

      I’ll let you know about the belt! I’ll need to do some kind of experiment and take a picture everyday for 30 days or something. So don’t expect quick results! And I guess girls are just self conscious about the faces in some way ^^;;

      Thank you for commenting :bear:

  2. kaki
    Posted July 3, 2013 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    I didn’t think the Lolita dress is a Lolita dress at first. LOL
    But it looks really cute on you :D
    I wonder how is the rose flower band is doing? Sorry I am sort of obsessed with rose… :raburabu:
    Did you use a different agent/site to place your order this time? Because the handling/shipping fee looks a lot more friendly?
    And, if it’s possible, can you share your strategy making orders on taobao? :D

    Good Luck :D ciao~~~~~~~~ :heart:

    • strawberryjam
      Posted July 3, 2013 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, it’s not the typical kind of lolita dress! But I like it :D

      The flower headband is doing good. It looks cute, but I think it’d be better to get a headband where the flowers are made from fabric rather than styrofoam. Think it would be a lot more steady like that! I’ll try to see if I can find any for you. I’ll respond in a bit about that!

      And I did use a different agent this time, but my items were a lot more light this time. Last time I ordered a huge blanket and a sweater. I don’t think it really matters which agent you choose in terms of shipping as long as they offer SAL!

      And I was thinking about making a video on how to order from Taobao and some tips. I’ll start planning it! :heart:

      Thanks kaki! :bear:

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