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Idol Corner: Morning Musume’ 15′ – An Adolescent Boy is Crying ♡

I’d like to open a new corner on my blog dedicated to idol music!

I love idol music. Many of my followers know that.
I’d like my followers to enjoy these posts as well as others that only enjoy lolita fashion!
I hope you’ll be able to enjoy something different as well~

I’ll do my best because I feel I am not so eloquent when expressing my thoughts about music, but I hope you’ll enjoy the songs I introduce still!

I’d like to introduce Morning Musume ’15’s latest single!


They are my favorite idol group.. since I was 12.
Hahaha, I’m afraid that was a very long time ago…

Morning Musume is a group that constantly adds and graduates members
They have been around since 1997!

Idols are not necessarily talented at singing, composition, dancing, etc.
Idols are ordinary girls thrown into the spotlight.
The audience feels happy and inspired to see these diamond in the rough girls turned into gems!

My favorite member is Haruna Iikubo!
I won’t lie, I don’t think she is good at dancing or singing.


But I really like her personality!
She is super cute, but also geeky.
She frequently attempted to blog in English.

I’ve met her twice in person before and I think she is very sincere and passionate towards her fans and not diva like at all!
Still, she has improved a lot in singing and dancing~

OK! Enough of that, I will introduce you to a song from their latest single now!

The song is called “An Adolescent Boy is Crying”.

The title is a little unnatural in English.
I constantly try to trouble a. and randomly tell him, “An adolescent boy is crying today!!! Aren’t you sad???!!” Hahaha.

It’s a melancholic pop song.
There’s a lot of breaks in the rhythm to add interest to the song.

I think it’s an average Morning Musume song.
I will admit it took me quite a few listens to grow on me.

I think the strong point of this song is the video!
There’s a lot of symbolism..

 For example, there’s 4 girls constantly singled out in the video.
They are the new generation of Morning Musume!
And this is their debut single.Haga-Akane,-Makino-Maria,-Nonaka-Miki,-Ogata-Haruna-521818-mod

They still look so young and fresh (unlike me, hahaha).

On the train in the video, these 4 girls don’t have any skills yet.
The cheerleaders are the older girls supporting them.
The train’s taking all of Morning Musume to an unknown, dark journey.
It might be tough and painful, but..
I know that they can do it!

So what did you think of the song and video?

I hope you enjoyed it!

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