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Requesting Reader Feedback! Part 2 ♡

Hi everyone!

I’ve started to become more and more worried about my blog recently. :aseru:

Since I’ve started re-blogging again, my own sense of fashion has taken on a different direction and I’ve become completely obsessed with frilly dresses!

Not only that, I’m a very big fan of Japanese idols.

This all doesn’t make much sense to me…

And I’m quite concerned that I’m losing all audiences of my blog like this because I probably don’t have much of an audience that likes both things.

Do you guys have suggestions on what to do about this?
I’m not sure what to do.. besides to stop talking about idols. I think it just makes most people confused.. :aseru:

With regards to me changing my fashion… are you guys OK with this? I’m really sorry if not, but I can only write what I am passionate about. :aseru:

I hope that you can take the time to fill out these questions for me..
The more people that fill it out, the better I can write a better blog for you!


  1. Do you have suggestions on how to talk about idols and lolita fashion on my blog without alienating any part of my audience?
  2. Have you lost interest in my blog because of lolita?
  3. What does strawberryjam do well on her blog? (Photos? Writing? Content? Etc.)
  4. What does strawberryjam not do well? (Don’t be afraid to be honest!)
  5. What kind of posts do you enjoy the most of strawberryjam’s?
  6. What makes me special that keeps you coming back rather going somewhere else? (Please tell me! It can be the most minuscule thing!)


Thank you everyone for filling this out! :raburabu:
I know that some of you have filled this out before.. but I’d appreciate it if you could fill it out again to see how things have changed!

I will consider all feedback as I did before.

And again – I’m sorry for always having long spells of not posting… :aseru:


P.S. Here’s a picture of me from the weekend!
Sorry, I was making a derpy face, hahaha.


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