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Idol Corner: Seeing Meltia Live + Polaroid Event! ♡

On May 30th, the lolita idol group Meltia had their 5th live show in Harajuku.

Meltia is an idol group singing sugary, cute pop songs while wearing lolita fashion.

They are composed of the following girls –


I was lucky enough to see their show! It was truly one of the best if not the best idol experiences I’ve had.

The live took place in Harajuku Strobe Cafe.
It’s a pretty tiny place that would only fit approximately 50 people.

Meltia is still an indies group so it’s to be expected.
But from the live, I can see they deserve so much more!

The show didn’t cost any money, but there was an entrance fee of 500 yen to buy a drink.
That’s extremely inexpensive!


The cafe is easy to miss. This the little sign for the cafe on the street!


The doors opened at 1pm and we arrived around 12:30. There were just 3 other girls waiting there with us.


And there is the cafe entrance. Meltia was actually rehearsing as we were waiting there.
We could hear them and they noticed us and waved!


Doors opened at 1!
Upon entering they gave me this ticket. Because I was wearing lolita (well, otome actually haha), I was given a voucher for a free polaroid shot with one of the girls!

In Japan, fans of idol groups are often male – sometimes males who are much older.
It’s a little sad and gross. I try not think about it too much because I enjoy what I enjoy still.
I just want to make clear that most idol groups don’t do gross or suggestive things for their male fans.
Meltia is part of that majority.

Meltia is trying really hard to attract a girl fan base through tactics like a free polaroid shot.
But it made me feel a little bad to accept the voucher considering the event is practically free and I really want to support them.


Here you can see the stage area.
There are a fair amount of girls actually. It seems like most girls like to sit.
Males tend to hang around in the back.
You could also bring your own camera to shoot the whole concert. Some people actually did that from the back.
I sat in the front row towards the left!


I didn’t take any pictures of the actual show itself…
But here’s a report of the concert.

They sang all their songs (I don’t remember the order!) –

Fairies and the magical symphony
Eternal Juliet
Un, Deux, Chocolat
Cinderella Love

For a break, they had a small talk.
Caty led the talk. Each member was given a paper and a pen and asked to draw giraffe.
In the end, all the girls showed their drawings!
A lot of them were pretty sloppy, but it was cute, haha.

At the end of the show, they did a rock, paper, scissors game with a random fan to decide who would get the drawings!

After the talk, there was a solo corner as well!

Mero – Waruki
Yura – Yume Miru 15 sai (originally by S/mileage)
Ruru – Renai Circulation
Katy – Taiyou to Ekubo
Nadeshiko – Fly (originally by BiS)
Aira – Sora Iro Days (originally by Shoko Nakagawa)

Last, but not least they also sang a new song titled ‘A corsage of white rose’.

This is a new kind of song for them.
The style of this song is very cool!
It’s my favorite Meltia song – I really recommend it!

At the beginning of the show, my favorite member without a doubt was Mero.
I thought she was the cutest! Her look is the kind of the girl I like!

But during the show..
I noticed Nadeshiko gave me and A. a lot of eye contact!
When I asked A. about it after the show, he agreed too!

Also, we both really liked her solo.
Both A. and I typically prefer cooler, more mature idol songs.
Nadeshiko sang a very cool song by BiS. There was guitars and it felt ~deep~, haha.
Vocally, I think it was also more difficult than the solos that the other girls sang.
Nadeshiko got me to listening to BiS after that, a group I never heard of before.
Not only that, she really knows how to work a crowd. She had a very good range of expressions during her performance and was attentive to the audience.

I was also very impressed with Aira. She picked a similar song by Shoko Nakagawa.
She is talented in vocals and dancing, but I think she is lacking in expression. Her performance almost felt lazy?
But I don’t think it’s true. When we were waiting for the show begin, it was her that I heard practicing a lot.

The other girls are much more behind in their performance.
It was very apparent in their solos as there was no longer a voice over track and you could really tell they struggled to sing.
Yet it was sooooo cute and endearing still, haha.

Mero was the most popular member by far despite the lack of talent. She still has what it takes to be an idol after all it’s not exactly about being the most talented.

They are a group that is quite clearly new.
During the MC, they struggled to talk to work up the crowd and there were often awkward silences. Other times, the audience wasn’t sure if it was the appropriate time to clap.
When it was time for the girls’ solos, they all said things to each other like, “Don’t goooo! I don’t want to be on the stage alone!”
I really think that kind of thing is cute, haha.
Idols aren’t the best singers, but you just feel you have to cheer for someone as they get better!

After the show, it was time for the polaroid event!
They set up tables on the stage and you could take a polaroid picture with one girl at a time.
Then you would sit down and talk to her as she decorated your photo.
It cost 1000 yen / $8 for each time. But because of my coupon, I got one free round!

I waited patiently to see Mero, but as I said, it turned out she was the most popular.
There was a line dedicated to just her!


Finally I got to talk to Mero!!!
Caty started talking to me too, hahaha.
It was a little difficult due to my lack of Japanese, but we had a basic conversation.
She really liked my outfit (I wonder if it’s the truth, haha).
She asked where I got my clothes, do I like lolita fashion, where I was from, etc.
She was really excited to have a foreign fan! She said she’d work hard to learn English, haha.


Most of all, Mero actually remembered where I sat during the show. I was very impressed with that.


A. met Aira and Nadeshiko.
Nadeshiko, as we both suspected, was really caring and attentive.
A. told Nadeshiko that he had gone to the show with me!
When I met Nadeshiko, she told me the same. You came with A.!!!
Hahaha, that was really cute. It’s nice how they remember all these small details~

You can see our polaroids below!


But because I waited sooo long for Mero, the staff ran out of polaroid films when it was my turn to take a picture with Nadeshiko.
Noooooo~~~  :aseru:
Instead we took a picture on my camera.
It’s a little blurry, but Nadeshiko huggggged me!
She picked the pose, haha. It made me happy.
Although the picture gives me some serious self confidence issues (c’mon she is soooo much cuterrrrrr!), but I’ll try not to think about it too much.


She ended up signing a magazine for me too.

I really had a good time that day.
There was so much attention of detail from the girls to try to make their fans happy.
And while they are not the most talented, they are surely putting a lot of effort and I feel they deserve a lot more recognition.
I also feel their songs are well produced too. Much better than the new mainstream idol groups that are just starting this year.

I truly hope they make it big.
Their next live is on July 5th. It makes me sad I can’t be there to support them.
Their fans are so tight knit that I feel they’d still remember me!
Hopefully there will be a lot more new fans!

Good luck, Meltia!
Please support them if you can!

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